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Adoption of end-to-end encryption in Corporate Number Publication Site

March 7, 2018 National Tax Agency Japan

The Corporate Number Publication Site of the National Tax Agency (hereinafter referred to as Publication Site) is scheduled to adopt end-to-end encryption system "TLS1.2" effective April 1, 2018 (Sunday) with the aim of strengthening the security.

Adoption (planned) date April 1, 2018 (Sunday)
URL after adoption

However, if your browser has not installed the Security Communication RootCA2 (hereinafter referred to as "Root Certificate"), the warning "There is a problem with this website's security certificate" may appear after April 1, 2018 (Sunday).

If your browser has not installed Root Certificate, please install Root Certificate from the following link.

If you wish to confirm whether your browser has installed Root Certificate, please refer to the following link for confirmation.

The way to confirm Root Certificate (Japanese)

Or, when you access Publication Site on a terminal that does not support "TLS1.2" or a terminal or a device that has not had "TLS1.2" set up effectively, you may not be able to view the site.

For inquiry about your terminal's support of "TLS1.2" or the setting, you are requested to contact the manufacturer of the terminal.

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