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Termination of Unencrypted Communication Through the Corporate Number Publication Site

October 3, 2019 National Tax Agency Japan

The Corporate number Publication Site of the National Tax Agency (hereinafter, referred to as “the Publication Site”) has so far supported both encrypted Communication (HTTPS) “TLS 1.2,” and unencrypted Communication (HTTP). As of November 11, 2019, however, the Publication Site will no longer support unencrypted Communication (HTTP).

With this change, it will no longer be possible to access the Publication Site by URLs that begin with “http:” as of November 11, 2019.

Effective Date (Planned) November 11, 2019 (MON)
URLs unable to access URLs of the Publication Site which begin with “http:”

1.Important Notice

Due to the above change, devices that do not support “TLS 1.2” and those on which “TLS 1.2” is not enabled will not be able to access the Publication Site. Please contact the respective manufacturer of your devices in use to check “TLS 1.2” compatibility, or to check whether it is enabled for “TLS 1.2.”

In addition, if you have bookmarks or links of the Publication site accessing URLs that begin with “http:”, we ask that you update them to the alternative URLs that begin with “https:”.


In case Security Communication RootCA2 is not installed on the browser in use as its trusted root certificate, the warning “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.” may be displayed. We ask that you download and install the proper root certificate available from the following link onto your devices.

For inquiry about details of the installation procedure on your devices, please contact the manufacturer of the devices in use.

Security Communication RootCA2(Japanese)Open a new window

The site accessible from the following link may be referenced in order to check whether the devices or browser in use already has the required Root Certificate installed.

The way to confirm Root Certificate (Japanese)

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