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How to use a tool for character magnifying and voice reading

The National Tax Agency (NTA) introduced a web accessibility supporting tool "ReadSpeaker Enterprise" so that elderly people and people with poor eyesight can comfortably browse the Corporate Number Publication Site of the NTA.

The supporting tool has the character size changing function and the character color changing function, etc. in addition to the voice reading function.

The tool can be used by clicking one time without downloading and installing the software and is easy to operate. So anyone can comfortably use it.

How to use

Reading out a text

Click the Listen button on the page.


A sentence is automatically read out. The background of a sentence is added color while it is read out.

automatically read out a text

Operation of the player

When clicking Listen bottonon the page, the player below starts.

the picture of the player

reading out It reads out the sentences from the beginning.
pause or restart You can pause/restart the voice reading.
stop You can stop the voice reading.
position of voice reading You can adjust the position of voice reading.
volume You can adjust the volume.
setting You can open the setting menu.
download You can download the voice file (MP3 Type).
terminate the player You can terminate the player which is running.

Reading out a selected sentence (a part of sentences)

Select a sentence which you want to read out with a mouse and click an illustration of a speaker displayed near it.

illustration of a speaker

It starts reading out a selected sentence.

selected sentence


Click the "setting icon" in the player to open the setting menu.

setting menu

The following things can be set in the setting menu.

  • Presence or absence of the highlighting function
  • Change in the color of a highlight
  • Change in the color of characters highlighted
  • Presence or absence of the magnification display of a sentence read out
  • Change in the reading speed
  • Presence or absence of the function of automatic screen scroll
  • Presence or absence of the function of reading out a part of sentences

Operation of a keyboard

You can operate start/stop of reading out with a keyboard, without a mouse.

    • Start of voice reading: Differs by OS and browsers.


  • IE 8 or more: Alt+L+Enter
  • Firefox 2 or more: Alt+Shift+L
  • Chrome 1 or more: Alt+L
  • Safari 3 or more: Alt+L


  • Firefox 2 or more: Control+LL
  • Firefox 14 or more: Control+Alt+L
  • Chrome 1 or more: Control+Alt+L
  • Safari 4 or more: Control+Alt+L
  • Stop of voice reading: Enter (common in all browsers)


It might not correctly read out the name of a person and a place, the proper noun, and the abbreviation, etc. because the computer automatically read out by synthesized voice based on the function of voice reading.

The NTA cannot assume all the responsibilities when some damage occurs directly or indirectly by using this service. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Operation environment

It is compatible with all kinds of OS and browsers including tablet terminals.

When the setting of JavaScript is not valid, this tool's functions might not work normally.

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