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Social Security and Tax Number System: National Tax Agency Corporate Number Publication Site

Find, connect, and expand with Corporate Number

On this website, the Corporate Number of each organization that has such number designated, and the name and the address of the head office or principal place of business of each organization that has registered its indications in English are made public.

The search function does not correspond to the Internet Explorer Version 8 and versions prior to it.

When search results are not returned:

Search for corporations' name, address, etc., with Corporate Numbers

13-digit single-byte numbers

Enter a 13-digit single-byte number.

Input example: 1234567890123

0 digit(s)

If you intend to search any item with multiple Corporate Numbers, click the Search with Multiple Corporate Numbers.

Search with Multiple Corporate Numbers

Search for Corporate Numbers with corporations' name, address, etc.


Any address in a prefecture of Japan or a place outside Japan can be designated.

Input example: North Carolina, USA

Other conditions

Corporation type

Change history

Display order

About The Corporate Number

Aim to improve the efficiency of management of information on

corporations and other organizations, reduce the cost associated

with reference and exchange of corporate information, and

improve the efficiency of administrative operations.

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